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RizeUp Lift and Recline Chairs
Dedicated to Providing the Best Lift Chairs in America.

Where Independence and Beauty Meet.

RizeUp power lift and recline chairs offer whole new dimension of comfort.  Are you tired of sleepless nights?  Do you have trouble getting out of your chair?   Look no further!  RizeUp has spent years researching and developing the most important features and benefits to make sure we brought you a truly unbeatable lift chair experience.  With additional focus on creating a traditional design that will blend in with any décor.

Superior Relaxation Starts Here!


“This chair is a wonderful blessing for my 93-year-old mother. I was able to put it together myself, and I can easily dismantle it and move it if she would want it in another room or another floor. The lift feature works great, and it is very comfortable, too..”


Audrey Sellers


We ordered for our 88 year old dad. He was hopping up and down trying to get out of his old chair. He loved this lift chair immediately! It lifts him gently into a standing position or reclines like his old recliner did. 


Arthur Milton

“I bought it to sleep in and recover from an upcoming hip surgery. I was having trouble getting out and into bed. I got this like I said to recover, but it tilts you up right to your feet! That was the main reason I bought it, so I would not struggle trying to stand up. The ”leather” is a soft type fabric I believe, so cozy. Looks like any water spilled would wipe right off. I’ve yet to sleep in it or use it, but I plan to tomorrow. So far so good. I would like to add, that the company emailed me and thanked me for my order. ”


Betty Taylor


“Best lift chair I’ve ever had! It’s very expensive looking and it’s really made well. Large size is one of the must have for me as my lap is full of fur babies and grandkids. Very soft and great value. ”


Ralph Pearlman

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